Full disclosure: This was not the post I planned on posting today so I’m sorry if it’s a little rough. However, after the events of last night and this morning, I think it’s extremely important to talk about self-care.

To care for oneself

The concept of self-care is very simple, but taking care of yourself can be difficult at times. I am susceptible to burnout when I’m reading too much news, working too many hours, or not resting when I am off. During national tragedies, I watch the minute-by-minute reporting on it like most Americans. Today, I was better about not obsessing about the news and focused on working, but I still caught headlines here and there. There are no words that I could possibly say that hasn’t already been said, so I want to share the books that I turn to when I need self-care the most.


I’m not a frequent romance reader, but I typically turn to the genre when things are tough. The first series I read is The Three Girls series. It’s about three best friends and their friendship as it evolves as well as the girls falling in love. The author’s writing matures as the series goes on and I know she’s expressed interest writing more because she loves the girls, but we’ll see. No matter what, I’ll probably read it because it’s like nostalgia and happiness is giving you a big hug in a quick read.


I’m not sure why I love this series so much. Maybe it’s because Rose grows from a timid, scared person to a tough-as-nails accidental investigator. The Rose Gardner Mystery series is about Rose who has visions of the future and blurts out what she sees to a man who’s going to murder her. From that point on, her entire life changes as she navigates the underground criminal world in her small town and suddenly develops a social and romantic life. The series has evolved to the Rose Gardner Investigation which I’m also enjoying a lot.


Once again, more romance novels. Susanna Kearsley books are somewhat hard to describe. They’re historical fiction, typically with a present-day story line, and they sometimes use a dash of fantasy/science fiction to drive the plot. Mariana was the first one I picked up on a whim on my new Kindle (this is how long ago it was) and I enjoyed it for every single page….until the last page. What can I say? Sometimes, you can’t win them all, but I’ve read it repeatedly over the years when I’m looking for a good escape. She was an absolute joy when she came to Houston on book tour so I’ll continue reading and following her career.

I hope everyone who’s been effected by the tragedies in our country over the past few months (or years if we’re being honest) is remembering to take care of themselves. If you’re reading this post feeling exhausted and devastated over the news, take some time to take care of yourself.

Keep reading on everyone,

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