Five Steps of Stand-alone Book Heartache

I read. A lot. Many readers have reading friends. Those reading friends love to recommend books to you and you love to tell them they have to read your latest book. Sometimes when you find a great new author, it’s hard to let go.

“This is a great book. I have to read it. I’m sure there’s no cliffhanger.”

This author is wonderful. Everyone tells me this book is the must-read of the year. How can you not read it? You want to join in the discussion and hopefully discover a great new author. So what if it’s a stand-alone book? Of course it’s going to have a solid ending.

It’s fine.


“How did you get convinced into reading yet another great stand-alone book with no ending? Ugh.”

Wait…how is that the end of the book? You want more. There’s so much more story to tell! The characters are alive, the setting is vivid, and the writing is beautiful. What does the main character do next? You want to meet up with the character for coffee to ask them why they picked the guy you didn’t like as much or why they decided to leave their hometown or why they gave up their magic for their kingdom or if they lived at the end of the book!

“Please tell me there is more of this book coming soon.”

You go back to your reading friends. They definitely have the answers you want. This book is incredible. It needs a sequel.

“There’s more to this right? There’s another book coming.”

“No. That’s the only book.”

“Did the author write a blog explaining the ending? I know some authors do that.”

“No. There’s no blog post.”

“A Facebook post.”


“Addressed on Twitter?”

“No. That’s the only book.”

“I’m not ready to leave these characters.”

You guess…this is really it. There aren’t any other books. At least, nothing scheduled. You’ve seen a lot of debate about that cliffhanger ending. This author doesn’t usually write a series. You might have to leave those characters and go to your next book. You suppose that following the author on Twitter will be a good substitute for revisiting the world of that book.

“On to the next book.”

Oh wait…the author just announced another book on Twitter? AND released the cover? AND has a press release about it? This is great! You can’t wait to read the author’s next book.

Oh wait.

It’s a stand-alone book.

Happy Reading,

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