New Year, Same Bookish Cronk

Happy New Year! The photo above is the fireworks show that happens in the neighborhood near me. They don’t plan on it every year; it’s just a nice surprise to be able to drink wine and watch fireworks from my third floor apartment.

I’m one of THOSE PEOPLE that enjoy setting goals for myself when a new year starts. I didn’t used to be, but it was nice to have a few goals last year to check back to and see how I was doing. My word of the year continues to be the same: Change. However, I’m still going to be me, but hopefully I’ll be a better version of myself and continue to grow. I’ve got a few bookish goals I’d love to share with everyone so let’s get started!

Read 104 Books in 2018

Yep. I’m going it. I hit over 100 books this year (with the help of comics) so it’ll still be a bit of a challenge. I have a bunch of short books on my to-be-read shelves that would be perfect for the weeks when I’m struggling to finish two books. However, I’m utilizing my library more these days and the due date causes me to hustle to finish books. Speaking of which…

Stop Spending So Much Money on Books

A good friend of mine set-up a point system to keep the spending in check. You earn points when you read books off your shelves or from the library and lose points when you spend. I’m trying to do $1 per 1 point, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m currently -20 and it’s only January 2nd…

Complete Two Reading Challenges

The first one is the ever elusive Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. This year’s list seems more manageable so I decided to try one more time. I have the tracking in my planner (see below) of the books I want to read as of December 30th. I’ll be reviewing the books on my blog as I go along. I’m also planning to have a few recommendations for the task in the post. If you need any ideas, I hope to have some for you in 2018.


The second one is a read bigger challenge. My personal goal for that is to read between 6-12 books that are well over 500 pages long. I own a lot of books that fit that so it’ll help me get them off my TBR shelves and spend less money. One of them will be Infinite Jest so say a tiny prayer for me when you remember.

I have several goals in regards to writing and blogging that I’m excited about too that I would rather show than talk about. Do you have any reading goals? Not sure what you want to do? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing about what all my bookish friends are up to.

Happy Reading!

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