#BookishBloggersUnite – Impactful Books

This week’s theme is hosted by the fabulous Paper Cathedrals so if you’re participating, go add your link at the bottom of the post I have linked. The theme is impactful books and this has caused me to think and overthink and change my mind more than I thought it should. 

Lately, a lot of my books are less associated with the content making an impact on me and more about reading certain books at the right time. I’ve been going over my Goodreads accounts for a little bit trying to figure out which books changed how I view the world because I know I’ve read plenty of them. My reading has drastically changed over the past year and I’ve started to see the world in a different light. I think reading can give a person more empathy for others and that’s the change I’ve gone through recently. I’m very grateful to the fellow readers who have broadened my horizons.

32075671The first book I’m going to talk about is probably a little cliché for this topic, but it’s very relevant. At the time I read The Hate U Give, I had severe outrage-fatigue from the news in general which typically makes me less empathetic and exhausted. I’m not really the kind of person who NEEDS to read lighthearted books when I’m having a tough time. In fact, as I’ve mentioned recently, I tend to not read at all. However, when I read The Hate U Give, I’ve never looked at police violence with exhaustion. I’m always outraged. It made it really person. It puts you in the shoes of the victims. Not just the people who get killed in these situations, but the ones who witness the brutality. I’ve passed it on to several people I know. In fact, I was talking about it a few hours ago with a friend of mine who is looking for books for her daughter to learn outside of her schooling. It’s a great book. I know its YA and not everyone wants to read YA, but its fantastic.


Exit West is another book that I didn’t expect to stick with me for so long. As a writer, I’ve had trouble accepting that my novels are just weird and blend a bunch of different genres and themes together. Exit West takes a very real situation that’s going on in our world today in maybe different places, but adds a magical twist to it. I hadn’t really read the summary of the book because I picked it up for book club, but I was thrilled when I read the plot twist that is added to it. My writing projects are nothing like Exit West, but it was different from anything else I had read at the time.

22574709Without getting too religious, the next book is one I spoke about recently: Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding Church. As someone who was told in high school by a youth pastor to stop questioning things in the Bible, this book talking about doubting and questioning things was revolutionary to me. I’ve slowly tip toed my way back into religion and studying these topics. It’s been helpful to have a group of people to talk about them with, but it’s also been as equally beneficial to read books on these topics.

I hope you will consider reading any one of these books and/or sharing your impactful reads. Books have the power to surprise and change people and I really enjoy comments from other readers about how much they love to learn.

Happy Reading!

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