Favorite Books of July 2018

I’m writing my July 2018 overview on Sunday to be posted on Tuesday. Hopefully, I actually have read the 8th book on the Favorite July 2018 books graphic by the time you’re reading this. Might be a little awkward if I hadn’t!Β 

I think at this point in time, it’s safe to say that there is no way I could possibly hit my reading goal of 104 books. Once I finishΒ A Poisoned Season,Β I will be at 36 books. That means I have to read 68 books between August and December which is around 14 books a month. (I know everyone comes to The Bookish Cronk for a math lesson and this is THRILLING content.)

I suppose this goal is not IMPOSSIBLE, just very unlikely. However, I will go ahead and adjust my monthly goal to 14 books read because challenges are so sweet when you accomplish them.Β Anyway, here are my favorite books of July 2018.

Books by Madeline Miller


Yep; that’s right. It’s not a book. It’s just Madeline Miller. She’s written The Song of Achilles and, most recently, Circe. I’ve never been into mythology, but her writing was talking about so highly by other readers that I decided to give it a try. She. Did. Not. Disappoint. I was blown away by how she made characters I thought I knew into her own. She also wasn’t hesitant to give her own interpretation of the popular stories. I know that a lot of mythology is subject to interpretation, but I really enjoyed her take on both of these stories.


Sunburn by Laura Lippman


I have a weakness for really terrible soapy thrillers. This was fairly well-written for a book that fits into that category. This was my first Laura Lippman book and I think I’ll check out what else she’s written. I read it on vacation which I’m sure heightened my enjoyment of it so I would recommend this one for your beach TBR stacks.

The Lady Emily Series by Tasha Alexander


If I had to explain the perfect birthday gift book for me, it would be women living in the Victorian era behaving badly and solving crimes and mysteries. I met Tasha Alexander when I went to a book signing for another book. I found her answers to the moderator’s questions very compelling and I wanted to jump into the Lady Emily series sometime this year. Unfortunately, I only have two out of the twelve books, but it’s been very fun so far!

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane of my favorite books of July 2018. Let me know in the comments if you have a book that you really enjoyed this month or if you’ve read any of the books above and would like to talk about them!

Happy Reading!

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