#BookishBloggersUnite: 2018 in Review

We’re very excited to welcome a new host this week to #BookishBloggersUnite: Emmy! They are at Books Beyond Binary and the goal of their blog is the amplify trans, non-binary, and queen voices in the publishing community. Go on over and give a like to their post and follow their blog.

This is a little difficult to write because, in terms of reading my 2018 was a “failure” of sorts if I only look at reading, but I feel like I gained so much more. Not only in friendships and a better relationship with my family, but also with my health. I’m currently around 35 lbs and feeling the best I ever have physically and mentally. I’m not perfect or thin or even healthy from a medical standpoint, but it’s a journey and I’m glad I’m on it. Ups and downs is certainly better than nothing, but downs. Unfortunately, because of this health journey, I barely read anything. I was exhausted from medicine and chronic illness. Going to work would be all I could handle and sometimes I was too tired to be there. I’ve started to use it as an excuse, but I decided to cancel all my TV subscriptions so I can focus on shop the shelves (I’ll talk a little bit more about that in my 2019 goals post.) in November. Television can be such a time sink and I got into the habit of just watching TV instead of reading and writing. No excuse now. And quite frankly, nothing to watch anymore anyway.

For this post, I’m going to evaluate some of my goals I wrote about in my post New Year, Same Bookish Cronk on January 3rd.

Read 104 Books in 2018

Oh honey you were so unprepared for what happened. One of my non-bookish goals was to go to the doctors I had been avoiding since I will be 30 in December 2018 and tackle my health from top to bottom. Little did I realize it would be a huge journey and not a 30 minute trip to a PCP. Goodreads is telling me that I am currently 49 books behind schedule. There’s no way to hit 104 without some Old Testament level miracle of stopping the sun today on my last vacation day of the year. Do I feel like 53 books is a failure? Not really. Am I going to try for 104 books again in 2019? You bet your ass I’m going to.

Stop Spending So Much Money on Books

I totally forgot about this one, but I barely spent anything on books. I think I spent more money on either mailing books to other people or buying books as gifts. My guess is I went from spending an embarrassing amount on books in 2017 to maybe $200 tops in personal book spending this year. I can’t complain about that one so I count it as a success.

Complete Two Book Challenges


Yeah no. Not even close. I completely stopped organizing my entire life, much less keep up with a book challenge or spreadsheet or anything.

Read 6-12 books over 500 pages long

I definitely need to do this because I have several on my TBR bookshelves, but I haven’t done it. If I accomplish my shop the shelves goal this year, I’m pretty much will be forced to read my longer books. So. We’ll see. But not in 2018.

2018’s Word of the Year: Change

This ended up being very true. I feel like I’m constantly growing and changing all the time, for the past few years. I’m happy with who I am and happy to continue learning and improving myself. I think this was probably some of the more difficult change in my life, but people around me have noticed I’m happier and that’s a good feeling.

My next few posts will deal with some changes happening to The Bookish Cronk and my goals for 2019 that I hope people will be pleased with. Until then…

Happy Reading!

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