The Future of The Bookish Cronk

I’ve been debating the future of this site for a while and I think I’ve come to a decision. Either that or I feel forced to since it’s already December 26 and I love setting reading goals every year. This post is going to a mixture of my goals and changes happening to The Bookish Cronk. I’m getting very excited about some of these ideas and I hope everyone else will be too!

Post Book Reviews…with a Twist or Two

I’ve been resisting posting book reviews for a while because I didn’t want this blog to sound like a primary school book report over and over again. However, I know that a lot of people who love books are going to book blogs to see what we think about specific books so I wanted to find a way to make it fun to write.

Using weird Sonny pictures instead of a star rating

I have (badly) photoshopped some images of Sonny that I will be using in place of a star rating. I’ll still have the link on my blog to my Goodreads post with the “real” star rating if anyone wants and some of them will use just his head in place for stars. Here are a few examples of the pictures I’ve picked so far:

Normal Sonny Sleepy Sonny Yum Sonny

Include a Spoiler Section

I have debated for a while how far is too far with spoilers so I’m going to do both. This will make my reviews a little long, but hopefully people who are trying to avoid trigger warnings or looking for a book club book will find the posts useful as well as just every day readers.

Post Reviews and Meals from Cookbooks

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been struggling with my health this year so I thought a fun way to bring my healthier eating to this space is to talk about cookbooks! I have a small collection of cookbooks now, but I’d like to post brief reviews of the cookbooks with pictures of me attempting recipes from the cookbook. I LOVE cooking so much and I’d love to share it with my bookish friends too.

Read 104 Books in 2019

Yes I am doing this again. This year will be the exception, I hope, to my reading life. I think 104 is still too high for me, but I have a HUGE amount of books on my TBR bookshelves (see picture) and so I need to work on it in 2019. Speaking of which…

Shop the Shelves Challenge Continues

Since I mostly read library books, I’m going to do shop the shelves, for real (REALLY!) with points and everything. I haven’t decided how many points equals how many dollars towards book purchases, but I think I’m going to start with a huge deficit so that way I have to read what i have for a while.

Read a Book Over 500 pages once a month

I have SO MANY books that are really long that I’m a little too intimidated to pick up. If I’m truly going to shop my shelves, I need to get some of those larger books off my TBR.

Clean Up My Goodreads TBR

My friends…it is getting a little ridiculous. There’s books on there I know I’m not interested in any longer as well as duplicates so it’s time to clean it up so people can actually shop books for me if they want.

Do Two Reading Challenges with the Help of a Book Tracker

When I checked out Rachel Manwell’s Bigger, Badder 2019 Book Tracking Spreadsheet, I was so excited about it. It had everything I wanted (charts! customization! Reading Challenges!) so I decided to use this one to track everything I’m doing this year. I always try to do the Book Riot Read Harder challenge and I really like The Reading Women so these are the two reading challenges I’ve picked for 2019. I’ll identify when a book I’m reviewing can fit into one of the challenge tasks too!

Knowing me, I will likely have other goals that come up as I finish up my 2019 bullet journal pages, but this pretty much covers my reading goals for 2019. Do you have any reading goals? See anything you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to talk about books!

Happy Reading!

One thought on “The Future of The Bookish Cronk

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  1. Such good goals – I wish you luck with all of them!

    I’m definitely doing the Reading Women and Read Harder challenges this year and I’m also eyeing up the POPSUGAR one too – lots of crossover between the three, so it’s less frightening than I thought it might be!

    My biggest goal for next year is to read books by a more diverse range of authors – I read nearly 100 books last year and while more than half were by women, only 6 were by authors of colour. That’s something I want to work on for sure!


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